​Greyhounds trace their heritage back thousands of years.  They are one of the most ancient breeds of dogs appearing in art and literature throughout history.  There is evidence in drawings within the Great Pyramids of Egypt that these majestic animals were valuable assets to the most privileged members of society.  In old England, greyhounds were the exclusive property of the aristocracy, commoners were excluded from owning these gentle creatures.  The Spanish are credited with bringing the first Greyhounds to the New World during the sixteenth century, using the dogs to frighten off Native American tribes.  The Greyhound, with its hunter-coursing abilities, was used in the 1800's for controlling the jack rabbit population.  It was at this time that farmers recognized the dogs competitive nature and Greyhound racing became established. The AKC has recognized the Greyhound since 1885. They are quiet, intelligent and gentle dogs.

Today there is a nationwide network of organizations like ours that match retired racing greyhounds with permanent homes and loving families.  

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The Majestic Greyhound