What is a Galgo Espanol?

Did you know....

‚ÄčThe Galgo is an ancient sighthound breed.  Despite its similar appearance, it is not closely related to the American Greyhound.  Galgos have a leaner build, more stamina for endurance running and are also very agile, making a 6 foot fence a must.  They are mainly used for hunting or coursing hare.  Many live in dark sheds in excess numbers and spend most of their days confined and neglected.  Once the hunting season is over thousands of dogs are disposed of in inhumane ways.  Galgueros (hunters who own the Galgos) dispose of the dogs by hanging them from trees, throwing them in wells, beating and abandoning them or for some of the more fortunate ones-turned into a shelter.  

Galgos are described as a greyhound with a sense of humor!  They are very loving and become extremely devoted and loyal to their owners and make greyt companions.  They are a very intelligent and resourceful breed.

There is no love like the love of a Galgo!